Cathy Gurney Testimonial

"We might as well be giving them the drugs too..."

Choir Tennin Testimonial

Concerned citizen, Choir Tennin, discusses his concerns regarding the recent decisions of our Chico City council and the impacts to public safety.

Environmentalists on the Chico City Council?

Councilmembers Scott Huber, Randall Stone and others claim to be environmentalists. Let's take a closer look and see how their policies are impacting the environment in Chico. When you hear Scott Huber, think Rich Ober. Voting matters!

Chico Police Chief Asks for Trust

Randall Stone, Scott Huber, Alex Brown and Karl Ory's attempt to micro-manage the police department is causing havoc. And the only way to stop this madness is to remove these people from office.

Chico Council Protest

Chico citizens have had enough!  The free drug kit giveway program keeps people in a cycle of addiction and our community suffers. Proponents talk about evidence based research but never acknowledge the collateral damage to our community. They talk about the health care costs of an addict who contracts HIV or HEP C but won't contemplate to cost to a police office or kids who gets pricked by a dirty discarded needle. It must stop.

Garbage In Chico Waterways

Dan Machek, wildlife biologist works in our local creeks and on bridge maintenance projects. He discusses his observations of garbage and needles and the affects to our local waterways. It should be the City council's job to protect our public spaces not to bend rules to allow the degradation of these spaces.

Mike Lash Testimonial

Mike Lash, owner of Lash's Glass on Park Avenue explains the recent violence and theft that has plagued his business. At significant cost he has been forced to switch from driving trucks to vans in order to combat theft.

Frank Lewis Testimonial

Frank Lewis, concerned citizen, lives in a home near downtown and expresses his frustration with crime. He worked hard to make Chico his home and now, like so many, is considering leaving. Frank supports Citizens for a Safe Chico because we are fighting for Chico.

Carrie Welch Testimonial

Carrie Welch, commercial realtor for Coldwell Banker DuFour Realty speaks up about the safety issues that affect her business as a realtor in Chico

Micah Hankins Testimonial

Business owner Micah Hankins speaks up about the crime at his business on Park Avenue in Chico, California. We need leadership at the City Council that understands the issues. We need leaders who don't hide behind ideology  We need problem solvers.

Scott Mulholland Testimonial

Scott Mulholland, owner of Putnam Mulholland Auto Company thoughtfully describes the issues he faces at his business on Park Avenue in Chico. He finds himself looking for the new Chico because our town is not functioning.

Barry Jones Testimonial

Barry Jones of PBM Supply and Manufacturing speaks up about the safety issues he deals with in the area of his business. These are the concerns of MANY in our city. 

Richard Parks Testimonial

Richard Parks, with the North Valley Plaza Mall speaks up about his concerns regarding safety and how it affects numerous businesses and community members in his area. This is happening throughout our entire city! It’s time for a change in our city council. Let’s elect city leaders this November that put safety as a #1 priority!!

Citizens are Fed Up

Council Opposes Public Safety Measure

October 15, 2019

Alex Brown - NO

Karl Ory - NO

Randall Stone - NO

Citizens Express Frustration Over Safety

Is Chico putting crime on the back burner? 

3 Council Members Oppose Public Safety Discussion

In April of last year, Councilwoman Kasey Reynolds asked the Council to have discussion about the public safety crisis in Chico. Three councilmembers (Stone, Brown, Schwab) voted against even having the conversation added to a future council agenda.