What success looks like

Meet Matthew


We met Matthew awhile back when he was living in his car at The Plaza. He was invited to join us at Lunch in the Plaza but was a little reserved. After some time, he would occasionally join us and visit. After being on the streets for a year, Matthew got back on his feet and into housing, so we hadn’t heard from him in awhile. Today he sent over a note and came by to visit. This is what he had to say:

That day we met was so impactful positively. It reminded me i was human again. I was down and broken. Can’t tell you how hateful people can be. I understand the criminal transients are just overrunning Chico. But there are a vast majority like myself who either got back on their feet or are trying.

What a difference we can all make, reaching out to others. I wonder what Chico would look like if everyone connected with just one person in need? Matthew has worked hard to get where he is today. Yes, he had help from a few individuals, but it was his inner drive that got him where he is today!