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Majority on council chasing rainbows, ignoring safety

It’s been reported that U.S. Representative Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal would cost over $6.6 Trillion (over three times federal tax revenue) annually with a total potential price tag of $93 Trillion. Click here to read more

Local syringe access program inches closer to approval

Northern Valley Harm Reduction is “within days” of knowing whether an application for a syringe access program has been approved, said Angel Gomez, the program’s manager. Click here to read more

50 percent say Chico is ‘on the wrong track’ in new voter survey

Half of Chico believes “things are off on the wrong track” in the city, compared to just 30 percent who believes it is on the “right track.” Click here to read more

Syringe access discussion dominates conversation at Chico City Council

A letter from Police Chief Mike O’Brien, who was not present, was read aloud. Among his concerns about a potential syringe access program included the locations where the distribution would occur, staff safety and preventing accidental needle-sticks, and the access to needles without a mandatory exchange in return. Click here to read more

Editorial: Statistics paint a harsh picture for Chico

In the meantime, the focus needs to be more on the residents of Chico and the quality of life. Regardless of the reason, it’s very clear that robberies, aggravated assaults and other forms of crime are spiraling out of control. That needs to become job one. Click here to read more

Letter: Mayor should worry about Chico priorities

Perhaps it’s time for the mayor to relinquish the gavel and allow the city to get its priorities back on track. Chico residents want to be good neighbors to our friends on the ridge and they want reducing crime to be the council’s priority. Click here to read more

Letters: Leaders shouldn’t block rebirth of Paradise

The crime, drug abuse, and homelessness problem in Chico is out of control. Businesses are suffering, people feel unsafe, our environment is contaminated with human waste and our city leaders are chasing utopia. If you want to be leaders, solve these issues and stop trying to block the re-birth of Paradise. Click here to read more

Editorial: Needle distribution still not a good idea in Chico

Most people interested in nothing other than getting a needle for his or her next fix is not going to be interested in ending that satisfaction.  And as a way to clean up drug debris? We’re not buying that either. It just takes one dirty needle puncturing a child’s foot. Click here to read more